• Microbial exposure has a major influence on personal health and employees in the workplace

  • Exposure can cause health related problems that result in work time losses.

  • Typical Microbial problems result in personal health issues, Sick Building Syndrome, Building Related Illnesses, and Comfort Complaints.

  • Problems can occur due to various moisture infiltration and or building related areas.

  • Building evaluation & sample analysis is the only way to find the point source of the problem.

  • Treated Microbial problems will result in a better working environment that will enhance employee performances

  • Temperature/Relative Humidity

  • Employee/Occupant Exposure Monitoring

  • Contamination Extent


Microbiological Services

  • Airborne and Bulk Microbial Sampling

  • Building Walk-through

  • Microbial Source Characterization

  • Subsurface Analytical Testing

  • Building Operational Maintenance

  • HVAC Systems Operations

  • Temperature/Relative Humidity

  • Employee/Occupant Exposure Monitoring

  • Contamination Extent


Why ECT?
Environmental Consulting and Testing Has...

  • Microbiological Sampling and Analysis.

  • Knowledge of specific building components and how they relate to microbial issues.

  • User friendly reports.

  • Locally owned and operated environmental consulting firm.

  • Certified staff and specialized expertise to provide all aspects of environmental problem solving and testing.

  • Use of state of the art equipment to provide reliable testing results and timely site evaluation.

  • Knowledge and concern to assure that our work is conducted safely and within all federal and local regulations.

  • Knowledge in many environmental facets including microbiological contamination of buildings, underground storage tanks, environmental site assessments (Phase I, II, and III), radon, asbestos, lead based paint, and occupational safety and health.


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