Report Generation
Location and Legal Description
Site and Vicinity Characteristics
Site Description
Descriptions of Structures, Roads, Other Improvements
Reported User
Records Review
Environmental Liens
Current and Historical 
Uses of the Property
Current and Historical Uses of Adjoining Properties
Site Reconnaissance and Interviews
Standard Environmental Record Sources, Federal and State
Condition Surveys
Physical Setting
Historical Use Information
Hazardous Substances
Hazardous Substances Containers and Unidentified Substance Containers
Environmental Impact

Fuel Storage Tanks
Solid Waste
Visual / Physical Assessment or Testing
ASTM E 1527-00 format
Transaction Screening
  • Phase I, II & Phase III Assessments
    Removal Administration

  • Regulatory Compliance / Transaction Screening

  • ASTM Standard E 1527-00

  • Data Evaluation and Report Generation

  • Analytical Testing / Sub-surface Drilling

Removal Administration

Subsurface Drilling
Analytical Testing



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